Attorney’s Fees and Costs

The Social Security Administration (SSA) approves all attorney fees for matters before the SSA. In most cases, our fee is 25% of your past due benefits, up to a cap set by the SSA, which currently is $6,000. The SSA withholds that attorney’s fee from your lump sum of past due benefits, if and when you win your case.

There may be nominal costs in your case; that is, money that is paid to third parties. Usually this is money paid to obtain copies of medical records to support your case. We encourage the SSA to obtain records to the extent possible, but often we must supplement what the SSA has obtained. The SSA does not reimburse for what we spend on costs, so that is billed to our clients. We have several methods of handling this billing process, depending on the needs of each client.

Please feel free to ask us for more information about fees and costs.

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