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Regulations for Title II Insurance claims:

Regulations for Title XVI SSI claims:


Selected Regulations: Medical eligibility under both Title II and Title XVI claims:

Basic definition of disability

Evaluation of disability in general

Evaluation of mental impairments

Physical exertion requirements

Skill requirements

Listing of Impairments

Medical-Vocational Guidelines


Selected Title II regulations

Financial eligibility:

How we determine disability insured status

What is a quarter of coverage?

How we credit quarters of coverage for calendar years after 1977

Reduction because of entitlement to other benefits

Reduction of benefits based on disability on account of receipt of certain other disability benefits provided under Federal, State,
or local laws or plans


Benefit Amounts:

Benefit calculator program download

Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment (COLA)


Work activity:

What we mean by substantial gainful activity

General information about work activity

Evaluation guides if you are an employee

When and how we will average your earnings

Evaluation guides if you are self-employed

Impairment-related work expenses


Continuing disability:

The trial work period

The reentitlement period

How we will determine whether your disability continues or ends



Selected Title XVI regulations

General definitions and terms used in this subpart


Benefit amounts:

Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment (COLA)

Determination of benefits; general

Emergency advance payments

Reimbursement to states for interim assistance payments

The one-third reduction rule


Financial eligibility:

Income and SSI eligibility

What is income?

What is not income?

Resources; general

Suspension due to status as a resident of a public institution


Representative payees:

Representative Payee home page

When payment will be made to a representative payee?

What are the responsibilities of your representative payee?

Use of benefit payments

Conservation and investment of benefit payments

How does your representative payee account for the use of benefits?


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